How to Make Photo Collage for 25th Anniversary Gifts?

How to Make Photo Collage for 25th Anniversary Gifts?

Are you looking to make a photo collage to present it as a silver jubilee gift on your parents’ silver jubilee anniversary or 25th birthday of your cousin? Though making a collage may sound easy, you can make the gift interesting, unique and catchy. To make a collage, all you will need are photographs!! And some software that can help you make an attractive collage. Or some materials if you are going not using system to make the collage.

1. Choose Photos

If you are more of the photographer type, then you may have lot of snaps to make a great photo collage. If you are planning to make the collage on your computer, then you must collect images, else you can use the printed ones.

You can also collect snaps from various sources. You could ask your friends, parents, and relatives for snaps. Don’t select too many snaps, select only a few special ones that will help revive cherishable memories.

2. Choose a Theme

Depending upon the photos that you plan to use, you could choose a theme to make the photo collage. For e.g., if you have lots of snaps of the person in hats or in a dancing position, then you could choose a ‘hat-based’ theme or ‘dance-based’ theme. It is better to make the photo collage with a theme than to simply do a random collage.

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