How To Make More Friends?

How To Make More Friends?

According to an old theory, the golden rule to make more friends is being friendly. Sometimes, you forget about this simple truth. You become too busy to socialize and forget to take valuable time for your friends. So, let’s take a look at some tips on making more friends.

1. Be friendly

Being friendly means taking an initiative. Do not wait for people to come up and ask you out to have a cup of coffee or to hang out somewhere. Invite people over to your house, ask them out to a café. In short, start initiating a conversation with people and see if you can strike a chord with them.

2. Be yourself

People can be true friends only when they do not pretend to be somebody else. True friends receive people and love people for what they are. You have your strengths and you have your faults. Other people are made the same way. So, be open to show your downsides, as well as your strong sides and accept your friends the same way.

3. Be cheerful

People like to be cheered. You cannot possibly do that if you are not a cheerful person. Whenever possible, avoid being serious before people. Have a good sense of humor. People like to be around those who know how to have fun.

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