How to Make Kids Do Chores?

How to Make Kids Do Chores?

According to the opinion of renowned parenting experts, involvement of kids in household chores enable them to develop self-esteem and it provides the feeling of competence. This involvement also helps to establish good habits and have positive attitude towards work.

As present day burden of homework do eat up part of kids’ energy and time, some parents are reluctant at delegating any household chores. But in order to grow a community feeling and sense of responsibility in them, kids have to be delegated at least some household chores. Firstly you should try to add or attach an element of joy in regular household work. You can put on loud music or design some particular caps associated with, may be baseball, so kids do not assume the chores as burdens. Always praise your children even if the job is not perfectly done, neither should you fix them.

For 3 to 4 year-old children, you can choose to delegate jobs like picking weeds, watering plants, sorting clothes, picking up toys and baking. In case of children who are aged 4 to 5, you can assign jobs like taking care of the family pet, folding clothes, setting up the dinner table, organizing toys and baking.

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