How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive?

How to Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive?

It is often said, ‘As much as the man makes clothes, so do clothes make a man’! We not only have the desire but also the need to look good. What all of us seek is trendy clothes at reasonable prices. A decent lump of the price incongruity between the non-designer and designer items has everything to do with fancy labels. Well, let us tell you, you need not spend dollars on buying the ‘so-called branded’ dresses, instead you can easily customize your dress and make it have the panache you need to look great! So here’s one for all the women who are horrified at the idea of spending too much on clothes but still want to look elegant. Let’s whip out some simple guidelines for making cheap clothing look far more expensive than they are!

1. Make it chic from cheap

In order to make great fashion statements on a low budget, you can make use of clothes that you already have or you can buy reasonably priced new ones. For instance, sew a piece of lace to an old dress or cut off the sleeves or attach new balloon sleeves to an old dress! There are lots of things you can do to spruce up your wardrobe.

2. Make changes

You can add a bit of glitz and glam to your favorite dresses just by replacing the junky plastic ones with some expensive looking and add in a stylish belt. You can taper your pencil skirt just slightly to give it some shape. If your cool, inexpensive new dress comes with a sash, chances are that said sash looks junk. Rolling up sleeves or pant legs can re-form a classic style into a current fashion statement.

3. Play up the accessories

Invest more when it comes to shoes, handbags, bracelets or watches because these items can help to give you a very sophisticated look. Add in some jewelry to make your dress look chic!

4. Avoid dressing up too much

Your look should compliment everything that you are carrying. Don’t exaggerate with embellishments and accessories. Also remember everything that is too short or too long need not enhance your look. Choose clothes and colors that flatter your body shape and add grace and style to your appearance.

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