How To Make A New Year’s Resolution

How To Make A New Year's Resolution

Are you planning to make a new year’s resolution? If you are planning, then it is important to stick to it. It is easy to think about something, but tough to maintain that decision. Listed are some ways to make a new years’resolution. Read on to know more.

1. A single change is enough

You can’t stick to two to three resolutions at a time. You would eventually break one of them for sure. Instead of making too many resolutions, simply make one resolution at a time. Like, if you want to lose weight stick to a good weight loss diet throughout the year. But, don’t break that one resolution you make, because that is important.

2. Self control is important

When you plan to make a resolution, keep a good self control. If you plan to quit certain things like smoking or drinking, stick to it. This is all the power of self control. If you have it, you would be able to stick to your resolution. If you don’t, you would simply break the resolution. So, it depends on your control.

3. Have the right spirit

Don’t just make a resolution because others are doing the same thing. Don’t copy others for just the sake of it. You must have the right spirit to make a resolution. Do it because you want to do it. If you copy others to resolve for the New Year, you would not stick with that eventually. You will waste your precious time in life.

4. Keep an option open

When you resolve to give up on things, it really becomes tough to give it up completely. Like, if you make a resolution to give it up on sweets in the coming year, then you might be tempted looking at sweets. Now, you can find replacement of sweets or use a sweetener instead of fully giving it up. This is like the safest bet for you.

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