How To Look Skinny?

How To Look Skinny

The curves are out long ago, skinny is in again! All the coolest chicks out there today are busy flaunting their beautiful zero-sized figures. Join in the game. I’ll tell you how you can look skinny.

1. Wear darker shades

As far as possible, stick to darker shades. When you’re picking your clothes, pick the darker hues of your favorite colors. For example, navy or royal blue, deep red, black, chocolate brown, bottle green, maroon, amber yellow and dark purple. If you like white, you can substitute it with cream. Dark shades tend to absorb the light and make you look thinner than you really are. Light colors, on the other hand, make your body appear broader. As mentioned above, there are a range of dark shades that you can pick from.

2. Pick the right size of clothes

It is very important that you pick the correct size of clothes. If you settle for clothes of a wrong size, it will make your body appear weird. Wearing baggy and loose clothes will make your body appear bulky and fat. Many girls tend to buy clothes of the smaller size, but what they don’t realize is that doing this will also make them look fat. Hence, always pick an outfit that is neither big nor small. It should be perfectly your size.

3. Choose the right pattern and print

Play with different patterns. The dress patterns you wear can have a deep influence on your body. Frills increase the mass, so use them sparingly. Choose small prints over big prints as big prints will create an illusion of mass that doesn’t even exist. If you are top-heavy, avoid wearing collars and polo necks. Instead stick to V-necks as it will cover up the excess fat. If you are bottom-heavy, avoid wearing high-waist pants as they will make your bottom and tummy appear flabby. Another dressing secret is that horizontal stripes make you appear fat, while vertical stripes make you appear thin.

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