How To Look Like Kim Kardashian?

How To Look Like Kim Kardashian?

There hardly might be another woman who has the guts to share the spotlight with someone like Paris Hilton and still manage to stand out. Kim Kardashian is not only beautiful, but also brave and strong. She’s a seductress and there’s hardly any man out there who could resist her charm. Aren’t you tempted to look like her? We bring to you easy tips on how you can look like her in no time.

1. Get your body in shape

Looking like this sexy diva is no child’s play, you will have to work really hard to get your body in a perfect shape. Kim is blessed with beautiful curves, yet she’s petite. If you notice her body carefully, she has weight accumulated only around the important areas like her bust and bottom. So if you want a body like hers, your fitness program should be made in such a manner that it gives you the desired results. It may not be easy but what the hell, isn’t it worth the effort?

2. Style your hair

You will have to grow your hair long and dye it brunette. After you wash your hair, use heated rollers on lower part of your hair to create big curls. When they cool down, you can open them up into big and beautiful waves. As for the crown area is concerned, simply straighten it using a good hair straightener. Now take a three-inch middle parting starting from your forehead and let your hair loose. Voila, your hair is no less beautiful than Miss. Kardashian!

3. Sparkle up your eyes

The cardinal rule when it comes to makeup is, choose one feature of yours and emphasize it the most. Kim understands this rule really well. And the feature she picks is her eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. So, obviously you cannot leave them unattended. Kim probably takes hours to look after her pair of almond-shaped eyes. If you have dark brown eyes, then you are ready to go to the next step. If not, you can wear dark brown lenses to make them appear just like Kim’s. You have to create the smoky look for your eyes the way Kim does it. Use a pencil eyeliner to shape your eyes and slightly smudge it to create the smoky look. Finish by using lots of mascara.

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