How To Look Like Avril Lavigne?

4. Choose Avril inspired clothes

Avril style is very casual. It is also very tomboyish. So you will have to wave goodbye to all your girly outfits. Avril is mostly seen wearing jeans and printed t-shirts. Make sure that you have a wardrobe filled with them. Wave goodbye to all those frilly and dressy tops. Once in a while, you can team your outfit up by wearing a tie. If you want to show off your legs, you can wear a pleated skirt with black stripes. Wear fishnet stockings to perfect your look.

5. Pick the right accessories

Once you are done with the above four, you have to concentrate on the accessories. A wide cuff and a long pendant necklace are the kind of jewelery that Avril would wear. Avril carries a black messenger bag that has a skull on it. This could be your thing as well. As for shoes are concerned, converse shoes are perfect for this look. Chuck Taylor shoes are so Avril. If you want to be her, make sure that you own lots of pair of them. You may also wear big black colored boots for a change at times.

6. Wear the right attitude

You may do all it takes to look like Avril Lavigne, but if you are not wearing the right attitude, it is completely useless. Avril’s attitude is very casual, tomboyish and boisterous. She doesn’t seem to give a damn about anything or anyone. So if you want to look like her and carry off all of the above well, make sure that you carry it off with ease or else you’ll end up just looking like a wannabe.

You can look like the way you want to look, you can be the person you want to be, only if you believe in yourself.

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