How To Look Like A Hipster?

How To Look Like A Hipster?

You will spot her walking on the street wearing funky clothes and multiple piercings, sporting huge sunglasses and dreadlocks, carrying an oversized backpack and smoking cigarettes. You may also spot her sipping on black tea while writing poetry or grooving with music at an underground music club. She won’t mind resting on the road and eating with poor locals. Call her weird or wild, but you cannot deny that it is her signature bohemian look and behavior that make her appear really trendy and voguish. There are plenty of girls out there who want to copy a Hipster’s style because it’s sooooooo hip! Are you one of them? Then maybe this article is written just for you. Find an answer on how to look like a Hipster.

1. Wear the right clothes

Hipster fashion is very Indie and if you want your wardrobe filled with clothes that are straight from a Hipster’s closet, shopping at vintage showrooms and thrift stores may actually help you out. Skinny jeans are a Hipster’s ‘thing’. So see that you own several of them. See that they are really tight especially around the ankle area. The more tight the better. They usually wear skinny pants in any color, but black colored skinnies are more common. Bell bottoms are also very popular in the Hipster fashion world. They wear buttoned down shirts, fitted hoodies, flannel, dress jackets and t-shirts with sarcastic slogans. Hipsters are known to have a penchant for irony. So if the clothes you wear have ironic slogans, it will be just perfect. You may also wear vintage dresses as they are a part of the Hipster fashion.

2. Accessorize right

Hipsters usually wear Ben Folds glasses that are also known as the Hipster glasses. It is like a Hipster trademark. They also wear oversized dark sunglasses at times. Fedora hats or trucker caps are quite commonly worn among them. Wearing a thick scarf even in a hot weather is yet another favorite accessory of a Hipster. You can also wear extremely large and colorful belts, multiple piercings, colorful leggings, oversized backpacks, sweat bands and wrist cuffs. Also wear lots of converse shoes, boots and flats. Paint your nails in bright colors like neon green, shocking pink or gaudy yellow. Complete your look by wearing a funky bandana on your forehead.

3. Work on your hair

There are several hairstyles that Hipsters try out. But asymmetric side-swept forward bangs are a must for a Hipster’s hairdo. Besides this. messed up shag haircuts are a common Hipster hair trend. In fact, the “bed look” is an integral part of Hipster culture. They are also known to color their hair into funky shades like pink, red, yellow and blue. Dreadlocks are also quite common among Hipsters. So if you have the time and the guts to try dreadlocks on, they will make you look so much similar to a Hipster.

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