How to Look Hot in Winter?

How to Look Hot in Winter?

If you look around yourself, everything is covered in snow. It feels like you are kept in the deep-freeze. The snow is knee-deep. It is easy to look hot in the summer by wearing pristine sun-dresses and bikinis, and sporting a tan. However in the winter, it is not this easy. The white snow may have swallowed the earth but not your fashion sense. You have every damn right to look hot even in this weather. Find out how to look hot this winter with the tips given here.

1. Boots

Boots have always had something very smart and sexy about them. In fact, they are even fashionistas’ favorite accessory. While the summer doesn’t give you the freedom to put them on, winter does! So make the most of this season by wearing sexy boots. You can pick the ones that come in a glossy texture, fur boots, cowgirl boots, ugg boots or leather versions.

2. Jackets

Jackets too are incredibly sexy and they also keep you warm. Pick from classic pea coats, Cashmere sweater coats, plaid trenches, military jackets, furry-hooded bomber type jackets, puffer jackets, motorcycle jackets, evening capes, anoraks, ski jackets, cocoon coats and parkas. All of them are really hot winter accessories.

3. Caps

Winter caps are super cute. They come in attractive colors and shapes as well. They include great variations like hoodies, berets, toques, Russian style fur hats, trapper hats, cloches and newsboy caps. You get them with pretty embroidery, bows, fur and other such attractive designs that will certainly add color to the boring dry winter weather.

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