How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup?

How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup?

Makeup can make anyone look beautiful. It is natural beauty which stands out from the rest. By this, we do not mean that only a blessed few can flaunt their beauty. Even you can do that. Here are a few tips to look naturally beautiful without makeup. Check them out and try to follow them in your daily life.

The first and foremost step towards natural beauty is to keep the skin clean at all times. Dirt and pollution enter the pores of the skin throughout the day and these are toxic for the skin. Using a crushed lentil pack on the face every 7 hours, followed by moisturizing with normal untoned milk will go a long way in giving the skin a beautiful and healthy glow. Just crush lentils at home and keep a pack handy. Mix it with water and apply on the face. Keeping it on until dry and then wash your face. Pour a few drops of untoned milk on a cotton ball and wipe off your face after the lentil wash.

Concealers have become an integral part of every girl’s makeup kit. They help to hide the dark circles under the eyes and many of us put on makeup just to prevent these dark circles from showing. The natural alternative to concealers can definitely help you get rid of dark circles and make your skin glow. Using coconut oil or shea butter, some sugar granules and half a lemon can easily help you get rid of them. Massage the butter or the oil under your eyes for 5 minutes and then sprinkle the sugar granules on the affected area. Now take half a lemon and slowly rub in circular motions till the granules dissolve. Follow this procedure for 2 weeks, every night before going to bed. Go to sleep covering your eyes with a warm cloth. The warmth would ensure the absorption of the shea butter/coconut oil and within a fortnight, you will have radiant eyes and the skin below your eyes glowing.

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