How To Know If Your Child Is Gifted?

How To Know If Your Child Is Gifted?

“When my child started reading at the tender age of 5, instead of being happy, I was freaking out!”, says Samantha, 40, remembering the period when she discovered that her child was ‘gifted’. Do you know what being ‘gifted’ and ‘special’ really means? Samantha explains, “Do you see signs of extreme emotions, surprisingly outstanding vocabulary and memory, pendulum mood swings or very early skill development in your child? These could surely be the early signs of him/her being gifted. But remember, before you come to this decision, make sure these signs are continuous and confirm this with your child’s pediatrician”.

Cally, 35, shares some similar thoughts with us. “Within months of my daughter, Leila, starting school, I started getting phone calls from her teachers. They told me that a young tot like her asking too many questions disturbs and confuses the rest of the class”. Guess what Cally did then? She secretly attended a few of Leila’s classes to watch her and ended up gaping at the kind of questions Leila was asking. “That’s when I realized Leila was probably gifted”, confirms Cally.

Here’s one more amazing way you can find out if your child is gifted. Does your child avoid hanging out with preschool friends or kids from the neighborhood? It’s a sign you shouldn’t let go unnoticed. “My son Mark, 5, was constantly breaking down his Hot Wheels car and inspecting various parts. When he wasn’t doing that, he was in the middle of building a Lego sky rise. A shape that wasn’t even given in the Lego manual”, explained Tabitha, 36.

You must have observed that kids keep asking lots of questions, right? Of course, that’s absolutely normal. But at the age of 3 or 4, if your child asks question about galaxies, solar systems and the speed of light, then it’s alarming? We suggest you try and see if this curious behavior is a constant with your kid or not. If your child has been exposed to the Internet, what kind of stuff does he/she search for? Playstation games or sonic radioactivity? If it’s the latter, you have a sign.

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