How To Know If It Is Love?

How To Know If It Is Love?

Love is the word you use for everything. You love God and you love candies. It seems like this word has started to lose its meaning a bit. But, if we talk of real and deep love, how to know if you really have it for the person you date? Read on for some tips.

1. Make sure you love the real person

When you fall in love or feel affectionate for someone, you tend to endow this person with some unrealistic qualities. That is why, there are so many divorces happening out there. People think they love him or her, but it turns out that they loved someone else, someone who never existed, apart from their imagination. So, make sure you know the real person and then check out, if you love him or her.

2. Sit down and analyze your feelings and sensations

Is it love or sex? Yes, these two come together in one package. But, you can get sex without love, you know. So, make sure you are not confusing these two concepts. Love is more than just a good sex or infatuation with a person.

3. Evaluate your entire relationship

Don’t just contemplate on your feelings for the person. Think of the relationship as a whole. Does this relationship meet your expectations? Are you willing to sacrifice some things for its sake?

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