How to Improve Your Communication Skills?

 How to Improve Your Communication Skills?

Communication depends on various factors such as our attitude, our thoughts and most importantly, the people we interact with. How someone else understands our message depends on how well we express it. And to be able to express it in the best manner possible, so that we are understood as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to hone our communication skills. Here are few tips to improve your communication skills.

1. Enunciate your words

When we speak, sometimes we tend to eat up a few words. For people to understand you, it is crucial to speak clearly and most importantly, not mumble. Also maintain a certain tempo when you communicate. Speaking too fast will lose the attention of the listener. Because of this, you would come across as nervous and under confident, which isn’t a good sign. Avoid a monotone. When you talk to someone, give life to your words. Raise and lower your tone accordingly to the context and mood of the conversation. This interests the listener making him/her more interactive. Also take care of your language and vocabulary when you speak. If you are unsure about certain words, then avoid their usage.

2. Maintain eye contact

When you talk to someone, they are more likely to take you seriously when you make adequate eye contact. Believe it or not, maintaining enough eye contact can make wonders when it comes to convincing people. They tend to believe in you and what you say and perhaps even give it a thought.

3. Use gestures

Body language helps you to express yourself in a much more efficient manner. Body language is not just about nodding your head. It includes arm movements, your posture and your facial expressions as well. The wrong gestures can give off mixed signals which could act against the purpose of your message. With the wrong gestures, you can even make a gentle ‘thank you’ sound rude.

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