How to Get Shiny Hair?

How to Get Shiny Hair?

Healthy, shiny and beautiful looking hair just the way you see in movies and fairy tales may become a reality if you are aware of how to get shiny hair the right way. Although, most advertisements and animated movies focusing on hair and hair products exaggerate to a considerable extent, getting healthy and shiny locks is not that difficult. All you need is do what is necessary and begin the process at the right age. You require some amount of patience and effort to achieve desired results. For tackling the problem of dull and lifeless hair and getting shiny and beautiful hair, you need to follow effective and proper hair care habits and eat and use the right products. Mentioned below are the two most important stages that you need to follow to get shiny hair.

Stage I

Cuticle is the external barrier to hair that renders it the shine. The smoother the cuticle is maintained, the shinier will hair appear to be. Being rough on your hair because of lack of time will do no good to it and with time, will make your hair frizzy. Here are some tips on cuticle care.

1. Most of us have split ends or ends of hair that are damaged. Any number of products that claim to treat these issues do not manage to do so effectively. Hence, it is imperative you cut off these areas whenever you have such problems.

2. Never treat your hair to hot water since heat has all the potential to dry out your hair. Instead, wash hair frequently with warm water and have a final rinse with cold water since cold water gives you shiny locks.

3. Drying hair naturally is the best way to follow. Dab excessive water away by gently pressing a clean and dry towel against your hair. Never rub hair to absorb water. Similarly, cutting down the use of hair dryers as much as possible is important to get shiny locks.

4. Use a thick bristled comb or brush to brush your hair down while it is still wet. Tangles come off easily at this time but be easy and careful when you do so.

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