How To Forgive Someone Who Has Really Hurt You?

How To Forgive Someone Who Has Really Hurt You?

If you are here looking to learn about ways to forgiving someone who has physically hurt you, know this! Do not forgive him. Put him/her behind bars, dump him/her, forget him/her, move on but do not forgive him/her and let him/her in again! Ever! If the hurt is emotional, then you may think about forgiving that someone; if they really know that what they did was not right, that they really hurt you, and if they really want to be forgiven!
It is not easy to forgive someone. No one likes to be hurt, and when we are hurting we remember the cause. It is a defense mechanism that we have within us because we do not want to get hurt again. Forgiving is really a lot of work; ironically when it is not you who was at fault. So people, learn how to forgive someone who has really hurt you with the help of tips mentioned below.

1. Listen

To forgive, you must listen – to yourself, to your inner voice, and to the one you need to forgive. Give heed to all these voices, and absorb them. Give yourself time to process everything, and be patient.

2. Think

After you have listened, you must think. Does the one deserve your forgiveness? Will you be able to forgive them completely? Are you in a state where you can be strong and forgive that someone? Can you? Can you take the risk of trusting them again? Think about how not forgiving someone would make you carry this eternal load!

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