How To Eat Healthy At Work?

How To Eat Healthy At Work?

A rapidly increasing working class today has accelerated sedentary living. Most jobs are confined to a desk or cubicle and contributes to their own set of problems that are fast encroaching upon today’s lifestyle. The age old saying, wise eating, plenty of sleep and consistent workout regime has flown out of the window. But if you give it a thought, having healthy food at work is no longer a difficult, time consuming or costly job.

Most working women today are hard-pressed for time and think of nutrition as a matter of choice. This happens either by skipping meals or by ordering food from outside that may neither be hygienic nor health friendly. Following are some simple tips to ensure you have natural and healthy food every single day.

a. Wash and steam raw vegetables or fruits such as spring onions, apples, bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and carrots for 5 minutes and carry them to work.

b. Use a simple grilling machine to grill fish fillets or chicken breasts in less than 8 minutes.

c. Prepare some extra dinner and take the leftover food to your office next day. Have this meal for lunch. It’s a better option than ordering junk food.

d. Natural protein supplements can be used when you really have no time to spare. Have these supplements with milk and shake your way to health.

e. Increase your intake of water and other fluids to keep yourself well hydrated. This is a natural stress buster.

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