How To Dress Like A Tomboy?

How To Dress Like A Tomboy?

If you do not really like dressing up, if you hate high heels and jewelry, then most likely you are a tomboy. There are things you can do to make guys go crazy about you and go after. Take a look at some tips on how to dress like a tomboy and look sexy.

It all starts with the inner feeling. The best thing you can do to look sexy is feel sexy. This changes your attitude on the whole. Guys go crazy for girls in shirts and jeans the same way as they go crazy for girls in lace dresses. But, this happens only if a girl herself feels sexy. This feeling changes your body language and your looks more than any attire you wear.

Next, wear comfortable sports shoes to look like a tomboy. But, make sure those are trendy shoes. Sports shoes may look fashionable and smart, too. Make sure they fit your size well, they are colorful and clean. No old pieces of junk on your feet.

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