How To Dress For a Job Interview?

Tips To Dress Up For A Job Interview

A little pearl of wisdom by the author of ‘The Notebook’ goes like this- “It’s the first impression that will either open the door or close it, so don’t mess it up.” While preparing for a job interview, you must take into account a lot of different things. The way you are going to present yourself, making good eye-contact, the way you are going to greet the interviewer, the right handshake, etc. Practice before your bathroom mirror or play it in your head over and over again because first impression is everything. The impression you make on your interviewer during those first 30 seconds, decides the course of the rest of your interview. They say what you wear is who you are. At an interview, your attire forms a significant part of your personality.

Deciding what to wear on a job interview is tricky. You don’t want to wear something exceedingly casual and be perceived as unprofessional but at the same time you need to make sure you don’t overdo it, while keeping your comfort level in mind. Check out these simple tips to dress for a job interview.

Assemble your ensemble for the interview

A two-piece suit over slim-fit trousers or skirt is conclusively the most standard outfit for any job interview. Shirts in soft colors, plain or with light stripes can be paired with solid colored suits like black, brown or gray that co-ordinate with your trousers/skirt. If it is a casual interview, lose the jacket. Both trousers and skirts should be well fitted but not too tight. The length of the skirt should be an inch below your knees so that your thighs stay covered while you are seated. Your outfit needs to be perfectly laundered and well pressed.

Minimize makeup while going for a job interview

While wearing no makeup may make you look listless and indolent, too much makeup may make you come across as vain. Nude makeup works best on interviews. It gives you a restrained, disciplined yet elegant look. Finish up with a thin line of liquid eyeliner over your top eyelid.

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