How to Do Cat Eye Makeup?

How to Do Cat Eye Makeup?

Are you already a fanatic about eye makeup? Or did your favorite celebrity just catch your eye with that trendy ‘smoked cat eye look’? And perhaps to the amateurs, the reference to a ‘cat eye look’ is completely new. The ‘cat eye look’ is simply the technique of designing the eyes and its contours with makeup to reveal a result which is similar to the ‘curved, narrow and artistic’ look of a cat’s eye.

There are simple steps involved while you learn how to dress the eye with the latest ‘cat eye look’. So, before you carry on with the normal procedure, ensure that you already are equipped with the accessories used to apply the makeup.

So are you ready to get those gorgeous eyes for the party tonight? You’d surely look more striking than the rest present with just a few brush ups! Ensure that decent quality mascara, black pencil eye liner, brush, an eye shadow brush, a dark eye shadow which isn’t shiny, shimmer, eyebrow pencil, curlers and the likes are available for the routine. Here’s how to go about a cat eye makeup.

1. After you apply the basic face makeup which consists of foundation, blush, use the eyeliner pencil and draw a line starting from the beginning of your eyelid, the front corner to the end where you smudge the liner against your skin.

2. Apply the shadow just over the black lining of the eyelid using your eye shadow brush ensuring that the color blends around the ends of the eyelids.

3. Using your brush eyeliner, apply over the outlining you’ve done before. Make sure that you pronounce the line in such a way that outwards it thickens whereas inwards, the line remains thinner.

4. The edges can be concealed using another dab of the eye shadow. Starting from the lashes to your eye’s crease, apply the eye shadow hence blending the edges and highlighting the depth at the ends.

5. Using the eyebrow pencil, design your brows into more of a curve. Apply your mascara according to the choice of coats and finish the makeup with a few last touches.

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