How To Do A Pedicure At Home?

How To Do A Pedicure At Home?

A pedicure is one of those many luxuries that women get to enjoy. However, a perfect pedicure may sound elusive. Are you in search of a perfect pedicure? If yes, then the secrets of a perfect pedicure are to be revealed to you.

You may visit innumerable salons and spas in search of the perfect pedicure. But let’s face one fact- no one will take better care of your feet than you yourself. Thus, if you want the perfect pedicure, make sure you take out some time for yourself and indulge in this luxury.

Here’s a list of all possible things you may need. Firstly, you must have a tub or a basin of warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot for touch and just to check, dip in a toe to test the heat. Next in line would be aromatic oil, especially the one that you like. The reason for this is that the purpose of a pedicure is to take care of your feet and ease you physically by killing stress and fatigue and that is just what two drops of aromatic oil in the water would do.

Epsom salts make the dead skin come out effortlessly by making your skin go soft and thus, they are a must. Nail tools such as dead skin remover, nail clipper, nail file, foot file, nail buffer and lots of cotton wool should be there. Make sure you have something to wash, scrub, exfoliate and moisturize your feet with. A soft towel, a big one at that, would come handy. For your nail paint, make sure you have the foam toe separator, your choice of nail color, nail varnish and a sunblock overcoat. And last but not the least, your favorite pair of flip-flops.

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