How to Develop Reading Habits In Children?

How to Develop Reading Habits In Children?

Children are the best gift to mankind. They are just like clay molds in their childhood; you can shape them as you wish by inculcating the right values and culture. You should introduce them to the world of books at an early stage. However if you have still not done much in terms of books , read below to get a few tips on how to inculcate good reading habits in your children.

1. Replace toys with books

The first and foremost thing to do is to start buying more and more books instead of expensive toys, which are of not much use after a certain period of time. Make it a point to gift your children with books on their birthdays. You can even treat them to sudden surprises by gifting them small informative pocket books.

2. Introduce them to a library

The second step is to introduce your children to the world of books through a proper medium like library. The vastness in terms of the collection of books, variety and the overall atmosphere of the library inculcates seriousness in your child about the habit of reading. You can expose them to different books on medicine, history, culture, value, moral stories, habits and so on. There are numerous books under whatever category you choose to read for your child.

3. Create a book shelf in kid’s room

How often have you thought of an exclusive book shelf in your children’s room? This can be the most valuable décor in your children’s room. Place some colorful books on topics which interest your child. Read a couple of moral stories for them every night before going to sleep. During the play time, introduce a ten to fifteen minute reading time along with their friends because children are extremely influenced by their friends.

Other than the above ways, you can ask your child to read small words on boards when you are out on shopping, to read their favorite rhymes book in the backseat while you are out on a family trip. As and when you do these, you will find your own ways of inculcating good reading habits in your children.

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