How to Develop An Interest In Cooking?

How to Develop An Interest In Cooking?

‘Is it really that easy?’ is one question that pops up into your mind while watching cookery shows on television. Well, it all depends on your level of interest and love towards cooking. Teenagers, and adults, both men and women, nowadays proudly say that they haven`t even entered the kitchen for once. What do they do in case of emergency then? Thanks to ‘ready to eat noodles’ or much simpler ‘bread and jam’, hardly do they realize that not always and everywhere will these work. When asked, ‘Why don`t you try your hand at cooking?’ they nonchalantly answer, ‘I’m not interested.’ Or ‘I would love to try but somehow I don’t get the inspiration to start.’ For all such people who want to try cooking but somehow end up doing nothing, we bring to you a few tips on how to start and where to start.

In order to start cooking, you first need to have an interest towards it. A drive that makes you go to the kitchen and try something. Try watching as many cookery shows as possible. Start imitating them. Take videos of yourself cooking and watch them once in a while. You will always feel like doing something better and will eventually end up in the kitchen again. Think of new ideas and combinations. For example, bread and eggs is a cliché. Try bread and biscuits. Grind the biscuits and make it into a paste. You can try it out as jam. This is just an example. Imagination has no bounds. Cooking has no limit. Know about all the spices. Understand that without salt and sugar, cooking is nothing. You may commit a few mistakes in the beginning but never give up. Change your mindset from ‘Cooking is a necessity’ to ‘Cooking is a hobby.’ Buy cookery books. Read the recipes and try them out. Remember always, the first feedback you get will not always be positive. Accept criticism openly.

Cooking is fun when you have the heart to do it. Who wouldn`t love to eat? Try something new every day and taste it. Make your family members eat it too. Accept feedback and criticism. Positive comments will give you more inspiration. Who knows, it might turn out to be a new recipe too. Watch some cookery reality shows. Invent games in cooking. How about a one-minute game? What can you cook in exactly one-minute? Or games like restricted cooking. What can you do with boiled vegetables other than a salad? Once you are a bit familiar with the basics,try concentrating on one course. What do you like the most? The main course, the junk or the dessert? Explore all the possible items you can do in your favorite course of the meal and start experimenting. You still don’t get an inspiration to start? Well, here is the simplest solution. Join a cooking class.

Things can only be achieved when you are passionate or interested in it. If you aren`t, then deliberately force yourself. You will eventually fall in love with it. Happy cooking!

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