How to Deal With Jealousy?

How to Deal With Jealousy?

Jealousy is an emotion that is often referred to as a negative thought which gives rise to feelings of insecurity, possessiveness, and fear; causing an outbreak of anger, resentment and disgust. This feeling can arise from three things – competition, comparison and the fear of being replaced.

Jealousy is a common experience in human relationships at different stages of life. Different models have been proposed by psychologists, sociologists and biologists to define the underlying cause and factors that result in jealousy.

Jealousy can have different forms at different stages of life. Romantic jealousy comes from lack of attention or infidelity from the partner. It is a potential threat to self-esteem which results in excessive feelings of possessiveness, anger, sense of loss, grief and insecurity, includes sexual jealousy.

Close relations like that of siblings is commonly afflicted by feeling of jealousy which many a times is due to lack of attention from a specific member in the family. Even platonic relations can’t stay untouched by negativity coming in the form of jealousy.

In short, all of us come across jealousy in one or the other form. It gives us nothing but low self-esteem, suspicion, fear of losing an important person to another and finally compels us to live a life in the clutches of sadness and insecurity. So, how to deal with jealousy? Take a look at this advice.

Firstly, to overcome jealousy, you should accept it and then deal with it because denying it would make it worse. Getting over this feeling of jealousy begins with bringing ‘clarity’ to your mind which comes with ‘awareness’.

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