How to Deal with Jealous Friends?

How to Deal with Jealous Friends?

Friends are important in your life. They make your life much more fun, are great listeners and are always caring towards you, no matter what the situation. Without them, your life would be dull and drab, wouldn’t it? But what do you do if you have jealous ones among your group of friends? Their constant nagging bothers you and you want to stop this behavior of theirs, but don’t want to lose your friendship. What to do in that case? Well, that’s why we’ve come up with a few ways to help you in dealing with jealous friends.

1. Be understanding

Before making accusations on them, be supportive and understand their situation and find out why they are behaving in that particular way. Get to know what they feel.

2. Talk it out with them

The best solution would be to talk about the problem that you and your friends are facing. Communication helps out in such situations as you will get to know why they have a problem and then you can make them understand your point of view.

3. Eliminate their insecurities

Your friends will be jealous about some material things that they don’t possess, but you do. It can be jewelry, shoes, bags or your good looks maybe. So talk to them about it and try to make them feel secure and happy about what they have.

4. Try and get others to help

If you can’t solve your friends’ jealousy problem, then try talking to others and take their perspective to help you out in dealing with the same.

5. Ignore them

If their behavior and comments frustrate you, just ignore them for sometime. When they see that their nagging makes no difference to you, they may stop it.

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