How To Deal With Guys With Mood Swings?

How To Deal With Guys With Mood Swings?

First of all be glad that you are with a guy who is actually emotional and does not shut you out completely! Isn’t that what you always wanted? A guy who is sensitive, and has feelings and is not afraid to show them.
Then again, if your guy turns into a touchy feely monster who changes moods faster than a chameleon changes colors, you have to do something, or you will go insane!

The key to dealing with a guy who has mood swings is to remember that it is just a mood swing and it is not how your guy actually is. Also, what helps is keeping him in your shoes. It is not like you never have mood swings, do you?

Staying calm and keeping your cool helps greatly when dealing with a bad mood. Do not let his mood affect you and make you do things that you later regret. Think and act.
If he keeps on having mood swings at a very high frequency, then sit with him and talk to him gently and get to the root of the problem. More often than not, there will be something that will be causing this grave swing of moods.

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