How To Deal With Fluffy Hair?

How To Deal With Fluffy Hair?

Fluffy hair surely makes you look different, but is dealing with it also simple? Most women would say ‘no’. Dealing with fluffy hair is indeed difficult, because such hair has excess volume. If you have fluffy hair and you are facing similar problems, then here are some tips on dealing with really fluffy hair.

1. Use oils in natural form

Oils do help to manage the frizz and fluff of hair. Apply castor oil and almond oil on hair, if too fluffy. Or else, use non-sticky coconut oil to reduce the fluff. Oils when used in natural form give great results for hair. Alternately, mix natural oils and apply it on hair before washing your hair. This might help to smooth out hair and reduce the fluff.

2. Rinse hair after oiling

Dealing with fluffy hair will become easier if you rinse your hair instead of using a shampoo. Most women tend to wash their hair with anti-frizz shampoo. This will not help you; it will make hair more rough and fluffy. Instead, just rinse the hair under warm water. This might help you to an extent, as there would be oil in hair, so hair will not be completely dry.

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