How to Control Frizzy Hair

How to Control Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is mostly caused by lack of natural oil and moisture in hair. In some cases, frizzy hair can also be genetic and even climatic conditions like higher humidity can also result in frizzy hair. However, it can be controlled easily with few simple practices. Listed here are some tips on how to control frizzy hair.

1. Wash your hair in sleekness

Always use moisturizing shampoo and conditioners as they contain dimethicone which makes the outer layer of each strand smooth and results in shiny and silky hair. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with volumizing formulas as they tend to make your hair swell and make the condition worse.

2. Apply serum

Serum contains an ingredient called silicone which can make any kind of hair, thick or coarse, smooth and silky instantly. If your hair is thin, you can also use a hair cream or lotion which can fight frizzy hair and can make your hair look voluminous.

3. Do not air-dry you hair

Air-drying makes your hair absorb humidity which results in frizzy hair. Always dry your hair as soon as you can as the quicker your hair cuticles will lay down, there will be less possibility of frizzy hair. But, if you do not find enough time to dry your hair right after showering, then it is advisable to rewet your hair before using a blow dryer and make your hair 100% dry because residual moisture can also result in frizzy hair.

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