How to Control Bleeding During Pregnancy? 4 Home Remedies for You

How to Control Bleeding During Pregnancy? 4 Home Remedies for You

Heavy bleeding during pregnancy is not normal and in most cases, it indicates certain complications. A little spotting during pregnancy may not be a cause of concern as 10-25% of women experience light bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy. But if you are encountering heavy bleeding during your first trimester, then it is a sign of miscarriage. Bleeding after 12 weeks of pregnancy indicates other complications like placenta pervia. So, if you are experiencing bleeding during any stage of your pregnancy, then immediately consult your gynecologist and depending on the cause of bleeding, the following precautions can be taken to control it at home.

1. Opt for complete bed rest

The first step of controlling bleeding during pregnancy is going for complete bed rest. It is a necessary step as bleeding during second semester and third semester indicates a possibility of miscarriage. Complete bed rest will allow the placenta to take a complete hold on your womb and will reduce the possibility of miscarriage.

2. Use a supplement

Increasing the intake of folic acid helps in improving the function of placenta in holding the womb. Folic acid can be taken as a supplement and it is also available in abundance in green leafy vegetables. It further promotes the production of hemoglobin in the bone marrow and fights anemia. Consuming more folic acid containing foods helps greatly in reducing the risk of miscarriage which is often associated with bleeding.

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