How To Choose The Right Bed Sheets?

How To Choose The Right Bed Sheets?

Your bed sheet plays a decisive role in determining the quality of your sleep. Hence, it is essential to buy the right bed sheet. After all, you spend 8 hours of the day lying on that bed sheet! Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right bed sheet.

1. Measure the size of your bed

Before buying a bed sheet, it’s important to check the size of your bed. Although they say, king, queen, twin and single beds come in standard sizes, it isn’t the case actually. It may happen that your king size bed’s size is slightly more than your neighbor’s. There is no fix standard of bed sizes in all the countries. Hence, it’s best to measure the size of your bed and only then proceed to a store. Tip: Count some extra inches so that the bed sheet sets perfectly on the bed.

2. Find a color that suits the room

When you go shopping for bed sheets, you may come across numerous bed sheets that have enticing colors. You will be easily tempted to buy them. But when you come home, you may realize that the color of your bedroom doesn’t match the color of the sheet. Hence, it’s important to find a bed sheet that would suit your bedroom. After all, it has the power to transform the ambiance of your bedroom.

3. Check the type of fabric

This one’s important. The fabric of a bed sheet decides its comfort level. Cotton, silk, satin, sateen and flannel are some of the most popular fabrics that bed sheets come in. You must pick a fabric that you find comfortable. If you choose luxury over comfort, then you may have to choose between silk and sateen.

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