How To Choose The Best Hair Conditioner?

How To Choose The Right Conditioner

Many friends must have told you how important it is to condition your hair each time you shampoo. However, this advice applies only if you use a good conditioner. Using a good conditioner can transform dull hair into beautiful and healthy hair, using a bad conditioner can lead to breakage. Hence, it is very important to be careful in picking a conditioner that is perfect for your hair, rather than heading for damaged hair. So, how do you choose the right conditioner?

Understand your hair type

Not everyone has the same texture of hair. Some of us have dry hair while others have rather oily locks. So, the trick is to first understand your hair type and pick a conditioner strictly on the basis of that. If you use the conditioner that is not meant for your hair, you will find yourself causing harm to your hair, instead of benefiting it. So always pick a conditioner that is made for your hair type.

Choose the right conditioner

Switch from conditioners to deep conditioners for curly hair. If you have scanty locks, go for a volumizing conditioner. For dry and brittle hair, use a conditioner with an in-built moisturizer. Colored and highlighted hair requires special conditioners made for colored hair. For normal hair, leave-in conditioners can be rinsed after a while. However, for dry hair, let it work on your hair a little longer. Don’t use excessive conditioner as it can lead to hair fall.

Switch your conditioner often

Studies reveal that no matter how good of a conditioner you’re using, your hair tends to become immune to it after a while. Hence, change the brand of the conditioner that you use, once you stop seeing results.

Don’t apply conditioner on your scalp

Conditioner is meant to moisturize the texture of your hair. Therefore, it is the tips of your hair that require the most amount of conditioner. Your scalp already produces certain oils; hence, it doesn’t require a conditioner. Conditioning the hair on your scalp will only make it more greasy.

If you use a conditioner the right way, it can work wonders for your hair. You can improve the volume, bounce, shine and texture of your hair with a conditioner. However, using the wrong one will do exactly the opposite. So be very careful when you are picking a conditioner for your hair. After all, who doesn’t want good hair day everyday?

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