How to Choose Bathroom Window Drapes?

How to Choose Bathroom Window Drapes?

Bathroom window drapes should be selected properly by keeping in account a number of factors as bathroom window drapes are prone to getting damaged easily and quickly owing to moisture. Here are a some tips for you to take help from.

Factor 1: Fabric

Among all the rooms in your entire house, the bathroom contains the highest percentage of humidity as bathroom deals mainly with water. Due to high humidity level, the window drapes in your bathroom tends to mold quickly as it is natural for the humidity to settle on the drapes as moisture. Hence, in order to keep the bathroom curtains unspoiled for longer durations, always select a curtain of lightweight fabric which absorbs less water and dries quickly as well.

Factor 2: Length of the drape

Bathroom is a wet room and it is very likely for your bathroom window curtains to come in contact with water frequently. So, to spare your curtains from the accidental splashes of water, select a curtain which sits above the window sill. A short length curtain will also ensure a speedy drying time after coming in contact with water or humidity.

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