How to Become Popular on Facebook?

How to Become Popular on Facebook?

Facebook is not a social networking site anymore. It has become a part of our lives. We are sure, most of you would agree on this. Today, every moment you live, you share it with your Facebook friends. If you too are hooked on to Facebook, then you must check out some ways to become popular on Facebook.

1. Upload pictures, albums and videos

The more pictures you add, the more popular you become. This seems to be the mantra for getting popular on Facebook. Add different types of albums with interesting captions. Share the link of pictures with all your friends. Add videos to increase your profile views. Adding images and videos really works, if you want to get popular on Facebook .

2. Make a group or join a group

According to your interest, join a particular social group or a popular group. Interact with people or community members in that group. Start open discussions related to the group. Or else, start your own group and invite all your friends and their friends to join in. This really helps you to get popular on Facebook.

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