How to Become a Fashion Icon?

How to Become a Fashion Icon?

When you learn to walk, eat and sense fashion, you become a fashion or style icon. She is not just that celebrity who sports the quintessential uber cool look but the brain behind the creation of that look: the usually anonymous fashion stylist or designer. Some people seem to render more work to the creative side of their brain. Getting into the world of breathing fashion, you do not just unleash your creativity and sense of style but also make big bucks and fame more than the average mind can conjure up.

There is yet another community that does not exactly reach the status of an international fashion designer but create their own unique sense of style and fashion amongst peers or a small group. Perhaps, with some extra attributes, they probably become popular too. For all those fashion wannabes, there are certain elements that you necessarily need to pay attention to if you intend to get into this bandwagon.

First and foremost, it is important for you to sport trendy clothes and contemporary accessories to be acknowledged and emit the feel and look of a fashion icon. When the genuine interest and talent combines with an appropriate qualification, you can call yourself and be recognized as an indisputable fashion icon.

1. Watch your Closet

For a contemporary fashion icon, one needs to keep a close eye on his or her closet. All those that need to be given away must be discarded. If it means you donate, you need to do so. Your old clothes can work for a vintage look but choose meticulously.

2. Have an Eye

Everyone has an eye for new and trendy clothes but a fashion icon needs to have an eye for clothes that can be recycled to cast a totally new look. Your old denim skirt could be transformed into a jazzy waistcoat or something completely wacky. Innovative ideas that are functional and fashionable are essential for a fashion aficionado.

3. Not Just Clothes

If clothes help to define a personality, so does your hair and makeup. You ought to look holistically trendy, if you want people to take notice of your creations. Use the right makeup that enhances your look and perfect hairstyles to go with your attire and the occasion.

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