How to Be Happy in Life Despite Troubles?

How to Be Happy in Life Despite Troubles?

When there is life, there are bound to be troubles. But if there are troubles, is sadness a necessary part too? The answer is no. Sadness need not be present in one’s life in spite of all the difficulties he/she might have in his/her life. Sadness does not necessarily come from troubles but mostly from one’s mindset. After all, if sadness came from troubles, then no poor man would have been happy and no rich man ever sad.

Sadness comes when you let it in. Sadness comes from breakups, from losing out on the ones you love. So, if you do not let sadness engulf you, it would never affect you. No matter how much your trouble, you could always remain happy if you want too. Only a few things need to be kept in mind for being happy. Firstly, you cannot change the nature of things. So it is but natural that people will age and die. Ruing over their absence will not let things be undone.

Second thing is to know and accept the fact that what’s done has been done and keeping those past incidents alive in your mind will not fetch you anything except more sadness. Being in the present and trying to change what can be changed should be your motto.

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