How To Be Gentle?

How To Be Gentle?

I remember going to my gynecologist when I was expecting my first baby. I was drawn by my doctor’s gentle behavior, her calm personality, the way she poured her tea, the way she spoke, so poised and elegant. I often wondered how calmly she got her work done. How gently she behaved with her juniors? How elegantly she used her instruments, and how gracefully she walked down the corridor. It was just not a sight to miss. This made me realize, that there is no need to be tough all the time like a truck driver. It’s great to be calm and poised.

People with a calm personality are naturally gentle. Their style, their way of living, everyday deeds are all very subtle and sweet. They value things, are more sensitive towards everything and they possess an inner strength which speaks, when required. Some species of human beings are not gentle. They tend be loud, talk more, and in comparison, they lack sophistication. In short, gentle behavior does bring in sophistication and elegance. Given below are some ways that will help you to become gentle.

1. Values for gentleness

Value people to the core. Don’t get impatient with their shortcomings, and burst without a reason. Don’t expect them to think like you. Every person is different and is blessed with their own IQ level. So, respect people around you and it will show in your gesture. Calm behavior always wins in the long run. Think before you speak, control your anger and try to be submissive and gentle. Getting angry when things are extreme is acceptable, but gentleness is more appreciated. The act of using something preciously shows you value your things. Unfortunately, in today’s wealthy world, we acquire things so easily that we take no pain to maintain them. Think as if everything is made of expensive glass or gold, and then slowly place them. This automatically will give you a habit of using things gently.

2. Be gentle with yourself

You have to be gentle with yourself in order to be gentle to others. Try to forgive yourself with whatever mistakes you commit and restart your work again. With this, you will understand how getting angry on somebody for a small mistake is wrong and how being gentle will solve ways out.

3. Have a broad mindset

To obtain a gentle spirit, focus on thinking well. Be aware of “abundance” and not “lack”. Take small servings of food, instead of piling your plate because of the fear of not having enough. Let people come out of the lift before you step out. In the whole, think you have enough, be generous and act accordingly.

Last but not the least, be happy in what you have, don’t get stressed too much as it will make you hasty and unorganized. Gentleness is connected to elegance and elegance is connected to hygiene, so be hygienic and clean in order to be gentle.

Gentleness is all our own thinking and it cannot come by force. Start practicing gentle behavior from now and see the change in yourself!

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