How to Be a Better Kisser?

How to Be a Better Kisser?

If you’re too worked up about that first kiss of yours, you don’t have to worry now. And if you need tips on how to improve your kiss and please your partner more often, even then you need not worry. That’s because here are the best ways that will turn you into a fabulous kisser. Learn how to be a better kisser with these ways listed here.

1. Bad breath is a complete no-no

This is the basic and most general rule that you should follow to be a better kisser. No one wants their partner’s mouth to be smelling bad when they are kissing them. For that, make sure that you don’t eat onions, garlic or such overpowering food when you anticipate a ‘kissing’ session. To always keep your mouth smelling fresh, keep a pack of fresh mints with yourself.

2. Don’t stick your tongue out too quickly

Going slowly is the key to be a better kisser. Don’t rush into things and pop your tongue out at the start of a kiss. Go slow and kiss your partner softly first with your lips, then use your tongue slightly and then you can proceed to probe more with your tongue.

3. Never open your eyes

Many people somehow don’t understand the simple fact that they should keep their eyes shut while kissing their partner. Before leaning in to kiss, close your eyes slowly and keep them shut in the act of kissing. It’s highly unromantic if you open your eyes and stare while kissing.

4. Don’t focus only on the lips

By this we mean that you should play around a bit with your partner’s face while kissing him. Plant a small kiss on his cheeks or softly kiss all of his face. You can also pull and nibble his earlobes lightly with your lips.

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