How To Baby Proof Your Home?

How To Baby Proof Your Home?

The arrival of a baby is very special in every person’s life. The baby is a bundle of joy and the apple of the eye for his/her parents. So, it is obvious for new parents to stress and panic just a little before their baby arrives. There is so much to do in preparation of the baby’s arrival. But keeping miscellaneous things aside, one of the first things that you need to do is to baby proof the entire house. Babies are generally quick to find trouble for themselves and so it is better to be safe than sorry later. Here are some tips to adequately baby proof the house and especially tackle problem areas.

1.Baby’s Cot/ Cradle

This is one aspect that every parent underestimates. They take it for granted that the manufacturer is responsible for the safety of the item. However, this is not the case and many situations result in the baby getting hurt. The distance between the bars of cradles and cots should not be more than 2 3/8th inches apart. Make sure that there are no sharp edges or small parts either.

2.Baby Items

Baby items encompass all the things that would be used for the baby. These are mostly items of necessity that would be used during the growing years of the baby. Ensure that none of these items have any sharp edges or small parts that may be swallowed by the baby. The items should be child friendly and not toxic.


Toys should be preferably of soft materials such as rubber or cloth wherein the probability of the baby hurting itself is very less. Again, you should be on a lookout for sharp edges and small parts. Try and get toys according to the baby’s age as the toys would have a prescribed standard that a manufacturer must adhere to.

4.Electric Outlets and Objects

Babies get naturally attracted to electrical outlets. They try to insert their tiny fingers in the plugholes. This is extremely dangerous as it may result in the baby getting a terrible shock. In order to avoid such a catastrophe, ensure that all electrical outlets are plugged at all times after they are put to use. The more complex the plug, the better it is.

5.Cupboards and Drawers

Babies have a tendency to open and close doors of cupboards and drawers once they start crawling. This may lead to them getting hurt mostly with their fingers getting trapped while closing the cupboards or the drawers. The safest way is to install child safety locks at appropriate places which are close to the child’s reach.

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