How to Attract Guys? Here are Top 7 Tips

How to Attract Guys? Here are Top 7 Tips

“Hey, prom night is coming up and I don’t have a single date”, cried Patricia in distress. “Can you please stop freaking out?”, consoled Ashley, her best chum. Patricia had everything laid out on the table for herself – her prom clothes, accessories and the clutch that she would carry. But she didn’t have a date because she didn’t know how to attract guys. “Patricia, you’ve got to learn how to attract guys from me. Otherwise you’ll never end up going to the prom”, said Ashley like an expert.

1. “You’ve got to have the correct body posture”

“I’ve seen the way you slouch at school sometimes. It’s such a turn off. You’re ruining the amazing personality you already have”, said Ashley. “You’ll never learn how to attract guys if you don’t charm them with body posture first”, she advised sternly.

2. “Go out there and meet people”

“What has that got to do with dating?”, asked Patricia. “It’s simple. In learning the art of how to attract guys, this comes foremost. If the guy sees you as a reasonably popular social figure, he’ll assume that you’re fun to be around with”, Ashley reverted.

3. “Dress by his choice”

“Every guy may not like sexily dressed girls”, Ashley said. “Through common friends try and find out the choices of the guy you want to attract. The third thumb rule of how to attract guys is to dress killer, but the way he likes it”, she added.

4. “Strike up a good conversation”

“There’s one thing about attracting guys that I know for sure”, Patricia said. “What’s that kiddo?”, Ashley inquired suspiciously. “I have to find common ground to talk to the guy I want to attract. I need to be myself when I converse, yet be interesting enough for him”, said Patricia. “Well said”, Ashley asserted.

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