How To Apply Mascara To Get Beautiful Eyes?

How To Apply Mascara To Get Beautiful Eyes?

Applying any form of makeup is an art that a skilled hand would do best. But if it goes wrong, you would just end up looking like a clown who has just escaped from a circus. But do not worry girls, we understand that everyone is not a pro at this and here we are to the rescue. The most essential part of makeup is the mascara and this is where most of us go wrong. Here we give you some simple tips on how to apply mascara without shedding tears in black!

1. Do not ever apply the mascara first as a part of your makeup. It is best to apply mascara after you are through with the rest of the makeup. Although not compulsory, it is recommended that you curl your eyelashes using a curler which will define the shape of your lashes.
2. See to it that there isn’t excess mascara liquid on the brush or this may cause blobs on your lashes. The mascara should just be adequate enough to keep the brush moist.
3. Start with the upper lashes by stroking the brush from the inner ends towards the outer edges of your lashes. While doing this, try to make a circular motion pushing your lashes upwards. This should be done patiently and with a firm hand. Looking down while applying is also a good way to get the dramatic effect. Repeat this 2-3 times till your lashes settle in the desired shape.
4. You could also use a lash comb in a similar manner when the mascara is wet so that your lashes do not stick to each other. This will also help to give you those perfect long looking lashes that will stay in place for a longer duration.
5. Now for the lower lashes, holding your mascara brush vertically, start stroking your lower lashes from the inner roots towards the outer edges. Do not press the brush too hard or the mascara will blot on your skin.
6. If there are any smudges, using a cotton bud, remove the stains gently without touching your lashes. This will require some patience, but just a few more seconds will save a possible blunder.

Besides these useful tips, if you still want your lashes to look striking, then apply a few more coats on the outer edges after drying. Just follow these simple rules and you will be flaunting your long lashes without having to worry about anything.

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