How to Apply Eye Makeup? 5 steps to Help You

How to Apply Eye Makeup? 5 steps to Help You

Eyes are the most expressive features of your face. So, when you apply makeup, eyes should be given a lot of importance. While well done eyes reflect a strong style statement, inefficiently done eyes ruin the effect of the entire makeup. Given below is a five step eye makeup procedure for a stylish look.

1. Toning up

The first step in eye makeup is to tone up the eyes with a foundation or concealer. This evens out the color of your eye. Since some people tend to have dark circles under their eyes and the upper eyelid region, concealer is the first and most important step. Settle the concealer with powder.

2. Eye shadow

Eye shadow can be applied in a lot of ways. So, choose the colors according to the style that you want to create. The two most popular styles in the present day are smokey eyes and nude eyes. Use dark colors on the sides of the eyes and the center should be done in a lighter shade. Always remember to blend in the two shades perfectly so that a demarcating line is not evident.

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