How Plastic Surgery Makes Your Lips Luscious And Beautiful

How Plastic Surgery Makes Your Lips Luscious And Beautiful?

Luscious lips drive sensuality – I have always believed this. The pout has never gone out of fashion. Give a seductive smile, bite your lip, pout – you can send a strong message through. Since the last few years, I have gone under the knife to add shape and sensuality to my lips. I have met with many people who have had cosmetic surgery done to their lips and the results have generally been good. The ones that have gone wrong have had typical characteristics of improper preparation before the procedure. In spite of being a woman, a luscious pair of lips can attract my attention in a second. Before I start on my lip trip, let me tell you that there is no procedure that will guarantee the most perfect and fullest lips. You will have to consult a qualified medical practitioner to see what best compliments your facial features and health conditions.

Prep time

Before you even start thinking about it – find out if plastic surgery on the lips is for you. Do you constantly have cold sores? Do you have diabetes? Do you have scarring of the lips or blood clotting problems? Do you smoke or suffer from any particular allergies? Do you suffer from any other medical condition? Lip Augmentation or Invasive Lips Plastic Surgery Procedures? I am not going to be able to give you answers to these questions. That is what doctors are there for. So go to the doc, discuss your medical history, and make sure that you are fit and suited to undergo such procedures.

What are my thoughts? Well I’d suggest that if you are a smoker, stop smoking for a certain period before the procedure. Better yet, stop smoking forever. Wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day, and wear a top that you can button down. Don’t take painkillers, drugs, or alcohol before the procedure. And put in some thought about post-surgery requirements to make your life easier – get comfortable pillows, buy your ointment/cream as suggested by the doc, and store plenty of soft foods like jelly, puddings, oatmeal in your fridge to avoid running around during recovery time. Believe me, compromise in pre-surgery prep and care can have devastating side effects. I’ve heard horror stories and I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of celebrity lip jobs gone bad. Ouch!

Know your risks

Yep you better know this one – there are risks associated with this procedure. If lip plastic surgery was fool proof, you would not see those horror celebrity pictures in the tabloids. Implants, injections, incisions, folds, fillers, or gels; none is free from side effects. You can have allergic reactions. You can have bleeding which may require removal of an implant. Nerve damage, skin infection, swelling…..there is a long list. I’d think that you’d be a fool not to know the risks involved in whichever type of lip surgery you go for.

Know your costs

Did you know that insurance may cover lip augmentation (plastic surgery in lay man language) if it is done for reconstructive procedures – like genetic defect, or reconstruction after an accident? Doctor’s charges, anesthesia, hospital fees, follow-up care, creams, foods, and other estimates – the list is long. So don’t be caught short.

Okay you’re probably thinking when is the boring bit going to finish – I say now! Let’s hop on to discussing luscious lips.

Should you do it?

Healthy and plump lips are sexy, there are no two ways about it. Gorgeous lips and ravishing beauty go hand in hand. Angelina Jolie – do I need to say more? Yep, that’s the effect a sultry pout can have. It leaves a lasting impression and adds oomph to your lovely face. There are many reasons why people get a lip job done – wrinkles, deformity, frowning look, rejuvenation, or in some cases just angular correction to compliment facial features. Whatever your reason, get a clear idea of how the lip plastic surgery will affect your overall look and suit your features. I repeat, do not be in murky waters when it comes to knowing what your post-surgery look is going to be.

Lip Plastic Surgery – Augmentation Injections

Lip injections are a ‘quick fix’ for your lips. They are usually temporary fixes. I’m going to let you in on a few technical terms and the different options available:

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