How Not To Judge A Friend?

How Not To Judge A Friend?

‘A friend in need in a friend indeed’ is the phrase that so clearly defines a good friend. However, another important trait of a friend is the ability to accept a person with his/her vices. As a friend, you should not pass judgment on your friend or any of his/her activities. In order to do that, you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Understand his/her life’s journey

Once you understand what kind of a life your friend has lived till date, you will be able to understand him/her, his/her thoughts, his/her beliefs and his/her actions better. Sometimes, the journey of life that one has been through defines that person’s character. So, when you hear your friend’s life history, it will give you a reason to accept his/her attributes and principles as they are. Do not just passively listen; instead, digest his/her experiences and feel his/her emotions that he/she has been through.

2. Negatives are inevitable

A human being is made of both good and bad characteristics. It is impossible for anyone to be perfect and please everyone. So, if your friend has a few negative characteristics, accept him/her and move on. You have your negatives too. Try to concentrate on all the positive characteristics that your friend possesses. Remember, it is absolutely necessary to be understanding and accept your friend’s negative traits. If you do not do so, you may start despising him/her.

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