How Do You Know If He Is The One?

How Do You Know If He Is The One?

Every girl is perplexed by this question – how to know if he is the right guy? If you are a girl looking to find out whether your current boyfriend or a person you know very well is good enough to be your ultimate partner, we can help you by providing some suggestions.

1. Compatibility

This is a very important factor in a relationship. Compatibility does not mean having the same interests or hobbies. It doesn’t mean doing the same things together. It just means that you and your boyfriend can have different interests and still enjoy the relationship. You both must want to spend time together despite how different your hobbies are. 

2. Understanding

Isn’t that what every girl longs for? An understating partner. Knowing what upsets you or makes you happy and being able to anticipate your reactions in different situations means the guy knows you and understands you. Of course the key to all of this is that the guy must attentively listen to what you are saying and understand even your unspoken needs. Well, so if the guy in question understands you, then he definitely has earned points and that you will have a lasting relationship.

3. Freedom to be yourself

You must not feel suffocated or crushed when you are with the guy. Instead he must make you feel loved just the way you are. If you can be around the guy without wearing any masks or hiding your true feelings, then this guy is surely worth a thought.

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