How Do I Get Him to Propose? Get Your Answer Now

How Do I Get Him to Propose? Get Your Answer Now

Do you want to get him to propose? That could be a tricky one if your guy is not very bright! However, follow these tips to drop him hints that you are ready to say the single greatest word in the English language that will change both of your lives forever – “yes”.

1. Wedding magazines

Leave out a wedding message open somewhere where you are sure he would see it! If you are lucky, there would be an article about “proposal” or “Ways to pop the question”. This should be a huge hint for your boyfriend.

2. Word of mouth

Talk to one of his female friends, or his sister if he is close to her. Tell them that you would love to get married and you wish that he proposes to you. Then add not to tell your guy. If all goes well, they will gossip, and he will know what you want!

3. Window shopping

When you guys go out to shop, keep your eyes open for a jewelry store, or even a nice bakery. Accidently say something like, “That engagement ring would look so pretty on me” and giggle, or something along the lines of “Those would make excellent dessert at a wedding” with suggestive sparkle in your eyes.

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