How Can I Make Him Love Me?

How Can I Make Him Love Me?

How to make a guy love you? This is one question whose answer most of you girls yearn to know. You ask your girl friends about it, search online and do many things to know the secret. But, here comes the key to the secret door. Save your time by reading and following these tips and make him love you.

1. Be what you are

More than anything else, a guy avoids want a girl who is fake. So be yourself without any pretensions.

2. Be confident

Besides being true to yourself, be confident. But don’t be overconfident. Doing it the right way is the trick to get a guy. Note: Guys like girls who believes in themselves.

3. Look your best

This is the easiest way to get a guy to fall for you. Your beauty instantly catches his eye. So go ahead and look your astounding self and he will surely notice you.

4. Don’t reveal your nervousness

If you love him, try not being nervous in front of him. Keep your cool and just act normally, otherwise you will end up making a joke of yourself rather than impressing him.

5. Be friends first

Friendship is the first step to love. So get to be his friend first and then move on and know what he likes, dislikes and such things. Be his good friend so that he sees your caring side.

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  1. BK says:

    A confident girl sure is not only beautiful but sexy too.

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