7 Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

7 Homemade Christmas Ornament Ideas

You may have been buying expensive Christmas ornaments every year! Now it is time to sit down and make something at home. It will not only get you into the spirit of Christmas but also make your Christmas memorable. It is not difficult to make ornaments at home. Just list down what you want to make or what you can make and then get your things ready at one place. Don’t forget your pair of scissors, glitter, and other such requirements. Here are some homemade Christmas ornament ideas for you. So get ready and going!

1. Sparkling light bulbs

Do you have small light bulbs that are not working or some that are left from an old series of light? Gently take them and apply glue and glitter over them. Choose bright colored glitter so that they shine well. You could tie small red bows over the end of the bulb and your sparkling light bulbs are ready!

2. Cardboard paintings

Take a cardboard of any color and paste white drawing paper over it. Now decide small cartoon characters that your kids might like or any kind of nice pictures that you can manage drawing. Color them well and cut out the shape on the cardboard. Now attach a silver or golden thread to each small painting. Your cardboard painting ornaments are ready!

3. Family photo hangings

If you have sparkling paper or velvet paper sheet, stick small pictures of each family member and cut the paper into shape of bells and tie a thread on the top to hang them. These can be used on every Christmas with new pictures.

4. Spoon dolls

Take any colored plastic spoons of small size and paste nice bright colored paper of the shape of a skirt or a long gown from its neck down. See that you make eyes and a smiling face on the spoon. If you have some nice net like paper, stick it to make the doll’s veil. For the hands, you could use paper rolled into thin rolls and stick them on two sides of the doll. You could also tie small bells on the neck to make it tinkle.

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