6 Home Remedies You Should Never Try

6 Home Remedies You Should Never Try

Home remedies are safe, cheap and easily available options for any diseases or conditions. But do not blindly believe that all home remedies are safe. It comes with its own demerits if handled carelessly. If you do not believe it, read about 6 home remedies that can give negative results. Make sure that you never try these home remedies.

1. Cleaning ears with ear buds

When you feel a slight irritation in your ears or just want to cleanse your ears, you search for that ear bud. But remember, self-cleansing buds can lead to severe complications like ear infection or compressed ear wax, which can lead to ear blockage or deafness. The better alternative is over-the-counter ear drops that can loosen the ear wax and allow it to flow on its own.

2. Using toothpaste for pimples

You might have heard that toothpaste cures acne and so dabbing toothpaste on your zits might be a regular thing with you. Know that, toothpaste actually worsens acne and can lead to irritation of the skin. The high amount of hydrogen peroxide content in some toothpaste can even burn your skin. So, it is good to avoid toothpaste and try some other harmless remedies such as sandalwood paste or turmeric.

3. Inserting garlic for yeast infection

No doubt garlic is a great home remedy for various ailments. But, some believe that garlic when inserted into the vagina can cure yeast infections. This is one great misconception, as inserting any foreign object in the vagina may lead to harsh consequences or even aggravate an infection. So stay away from it!

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