5 Home Remedies to Make Teeth Whiter

Home Remedies to Make Teeth Whiter

Everybody likes to be glamorous, and a big part in being glamorous is having shining white teeth. All those pretty actresses that you see walking down on the red carpet with style can manage to do so, because they have smiles to die for. After all, no outfit can make you look stunning unless you wear a confident smile. And for that, it is vital that you have those pearly white teeth that you see on beautiful people on-screen.

Like most other things these days, you have plenty of options in the market to make your teeth look nice. However, if you go by the experts, they recommend that you adopt only home remedies. Your teeth are an integral part of your looks and daily life, and it is vital that you take care of them properly. So why take a risk with innumerable products and treatments when you can manage to get whiter teeth at home? Here are a few home remedies that can help you get sparkling white teeth easily.

1. Eat apples and cucumber

Crunchy foods, such as apples and cucumber help to get the saliva going in the mouth, which eventually lessens food stains. Apples basically contain malic acid, which is an element used in a lot of oral care products to reduce stains and give you whiter teeth. You can now do this naturally at home by consuming these items, along with other things such as carrots, strawberries, celery and broccoli.

2. Floss regularly

Many people don’t realize that flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. In fact, flossing is more useful in ensuring that food particles don’t get stuck between your teeth. With regular cleaning, elements that can cause staining are removed, thus ensuring whiter and cleaner teeth for you.

3. Use a straw

When drinking beverages regularly such as tea, coffee, soda or even wine, your teeth tend to get discolored after a point. That happens because of the direct contact of the beverages with your teeth. So if you are a regular consumer of these items, then try and use a straw as much as you can. Since you can’t brush after drinking white wine, it’s advisable to at least rinse your mouth with water after that. In fact, rinsing your mouth with water is something you should do after each eating or drinking session.

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