8 Home Remedies for Sore Throat

8 Home Remedies for Sore Throat

Are you facing problem in swallowing food and even drinking water gives you pain? If you are experiencing all these things then surely you have a sore throat. Viral infection leads to throat infection in major cases but there may be other reasons as well. Sore throat leads to severe ache but a little care can save you from baring such tragic soreness. Some home remedies are listed below to cure your throat naturally without spending a single penny.

1. Gargle with warm water

First thing recommended in such a condition is to gargle. Take hot water and add some salt to it. Gargle for about 15 minutes and you will feel the difference after repetitive exercises.

2. Ginger extract with honey

Take out honey in a spoon and add ginger extract to it. Now mix these ingredients. Once the mixture is ready, swallow it slowly to ease the pain in your throat.

3. Liquorice

Liquorice is a natural medicine and is sweet in taste. It looks somewhat like wood. Put some liquorice stem into your mouth and keep sucking it. Its medicinal quality will heal your throat very soon.

4. Warm lemon water with honey

Take hot water in a glass and add bit of lemon juice and honey to it. Honey is also a natural medication for many health diseases.

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